Thursday, December 29, 2005

Snowflakes in Southampton

Can't get enough of it! Snow flakes from my window in Montefiore. So, cool! Posted by Picasa

First snow in Southampton

Now, going for firsts! First snowing I'm witnessing in Southampton! I've seen snow before in the USA, but I have never seen it snowing, as in snow flakes falling. And that is so cool. Hopefully this will not become a bittersweet experience as the snow can become a hassle...
But as for now, it's just a very cool experience, I mean literally cool as hell. I almost froze my nuts while posing for this snapshot (thanks to my sister's gift, my feet were warm, at least).
Cheers and Happy Christmas. Posted by Picasa


What an evil couple of people!
Queste due maledette!

Ok, ran out of inspiration. Posted by Picasa

Bath Rugby!!

This one is for my friend Uncle Phil in Brazil. I wish I had bought something for him. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Xmas

Now this was a cool end of Xmas week, a nice mexican dinner made by my dearest Ana, with her sister and Sir Shree.
Now I'm mentioning you in my blog SeñoritaPosted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Now this is a cool bridge in Bristol. The story behind it very interesting indeed.
Hope you like the pic and the links. Posted by Picasa

Pulteney Bridge

In Bath, I'm not that creative anymore, so be content with what I wrote before. Posted by Picasa

A squirrel's ass

Damned gray squirrels!! Posted by Picasa

More on Bath

Now, to my right, Fabio Giannetti, great friend from HP in Bristol. Behind me Bath abbey, to my right, the Roman Baths, reconstructed by the Georgians. Posted by Picasa

More Bath

Another typical scene from Bath, most of the buildings made using the famed Bath stone. More about it on the link I provided. Posted by Picasa

Bath crescent

Behind me, Bath Crescent, very Bath-ish scenery, to my right Ane, the fianceé of my friend Fabio, both of whom were terrific hosts this christmas.
More on Bath following. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Remembrance - Part 4 - Recent History

Well, you might recall the picture of the bum in the Archaeology Museum. The place it was taken from is shown in this picture. The window behind the bum is located on that tower on the right portion of the museum. Posted by Picasa

Remembrance - Part 3

Yet another aerial view of a place I visited this year. This one in California. I got no outdoors picture of the place, only a bunch of pics taken within that white building near the center of the image. Posted by Picasa

Remembrance - Part 2

Another one of the places I visited in Seattle, now a technological one: Boeing Museum. They moved the stuff around, as that F-14 was in the lawn on the bottom right part of the screen. Which is where the pictures you will find earlier in this blog were taken. If you are curious, try to spot the place in my pics. Posted by Picasa

Remembrance - Part 1

Now, this Google Earth is quite addictive, especially when it comes to remembering places I visited. The places in the US are the best ones to spot, because satellite images over there are probably the best ones around. In this one you can see the Experience Music Project (EMP), a.k.a. Museum of Rock. If you go back some months to April, you will see some ground pictures of the place, nevertheless an aerial view is quite impressive. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just to break the "people routine"

Very nice memorial for the Titanic, as well as to the church that was damaged by the Luftwaffe in WWII. Right across a nice family place called "For your eyes only". Hopefully next year's IAM Christmas lunch is going to take place in there. (You decide where "there" is supposed to be) Posted by Picasa

Now that's proud!

Seriously, check it out a serious Irishman/Scotsman in his element. I will get me a Kilt. Honest. Posted by Picasa

Hail to the King

Find the idiot with the purple crown. Posted by Picasa

Onslaught of the highlanders!

Along with my wearing a penguin suit, I found myself in the middle of an invasion by the dreaded Highlanders, well, not really. But at least my friend Luke decided to bring his formal Kilt and show how a real man's skirt! I mean Kilt. I honestly tried to hire a Kilt rather than a Tuxedo, but they don't have these things upon short notice this far south of Hadrian's wall. Posted by Picasa

A penguin without snow

So, looking smart uh? Bloody hired tuxedo costed me a small graduate student fortune. Well, at least it was for a good cause, or was it?
Anyway, you may laugh your ass off of me in my "visionary position" if you will. Could not manage to get a serious face wearing that kind of thing. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A bum visits an archaeology musem

Now, who the fuck would go looking like hell to a museum? Well, now you know, that I, the derelict looking chap to the left, had the "brilliant" (insert your british accent on that word) idea of visiting a musem looking like a middle ages squire, or simply a flesh and bone Homer Simpson, you decide.
Well anyways, the museum was interesting, albeit small, and looking over Southampton harbour. The looks are incredible. And along came my Niña Indecisa Ana, which by the way is the photographer behind the camera here. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Home sweet home, from Space

Another one of those google earth snapshots, now this is the block of flats in which I'm currently living. Monterefiore Block N, pretty cool uh? Posted by Picasa

An aerial view of Zepler Building

So, this is a snapshot from google earth of the place where I work, Zepler Building. I can tell this view is over two months old because we can see Mountbatten Building still intact. It caught fire on the 29th of October , 2005. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Duck!

I have found a duck, may I cook it?
There you have it, my second forage into the realm of european poultry cuisine. Must say, very tasty.

It was indeed a fair cop. Posted by Picasa

My man Shree!

Last weekend was really busy, as I got two meal/parties. The most interesting of which was the one with my man Shree!
He was probably sad from the ocasion though, as in all of the photographs he is looking kinda distressed.

BTW, people on the pic, from left to right: Lynn, Sir Chaterjee, Herr Matheson, Señorita Ana, some weird bum, and Edward, the wizard from the orient. Posted by Picasa