Sunday, June 25, 2006


At least I managed to up-flavour the day with a Margherita pizza, it would have been just perfect had Argentina lost. Posted by Picasa

Pizza Baking - part III

Starting the topping bit. Nice to have a cute audience. Posted by Picasa

La Pizza - Part II

Strategy for making a nice pizza disk. Use the rolling pin to make something roughly round, place this flattened piece of dough in the baking tray, and fold the borders so you have the round shape, typical of a pizza. Posted by Picasa

Il Pizzaiolo

Back to England, back to home chores. Despite the mood induced by the local weather, we managed to find an excuse to celebrate the day. Argentina was playing Mexico, so in the spirit of my Mexican sweetheart, we watched the game in a common TV here in Halls. I would also be a liar if I said that that was my sole reason for watching the game, as my Brazilian T-Shirt betrays I went there to wish a poor game to Argentina. Too bad our Hermanos managed to win, cheating of course. This is typical of the Argentinian footbal, Heinze should have been given a red card, even a blind referee would have seen it.

Anyway, I had committed myself into baking some pizzas for the good of everybody, so off I went to my Pizzaiolo position. As you can see in this pic, me fooling around with the dough. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Günther would be proud


So this photograph would make even pleasureman Günther envy me. In a nice place in Innsbruck with Anja and her sister Melanie (to my right), as well as Ana and Maíra (to my left), a quite fitting finale to our journey through Tyrol, very lovely travel companions. Posted by Picasa

During the match


Finally we went out to watch the game in the outdoor marketplace in Innsbruck, flag and all, to support the Brazilian national team. It was very crowded (who would have thought the Austrians would come in numbers to support my lovely home country), but interesting. I could have watched it at home, but the company did not allow me to be a nay sayer. Posted by Picasa

Dá-lhe Brasil


Another pic of the brazilian spirit spreading around Austria! Posted by Picasa

Para frente Brasil, salve a seleção!


So the brazilian side of this writer has contaminated everybody around me. Me and my friend Maíra managed to make our international friends wear the brazilian colors, as well as wave the flag in the first game against Croatia. The game was rubbish, but we won, and the outdoors ambience was an interesting experience. Posted by Picasa

Streets of Innsbruck


In the tight streets of Innsbruck. Posted by Picasa

Back to Innsbruck

With my friends Maíra, Ana and Melanie. Posted by Picasa

Last one from Salzburg

  Posted by Picasa

WWII weapons - part II


Another display of fine German rifles from the last world war. Posted by Picasa

WWII weapons - part I


A very nice display for German rifles from the last world war. Posted by Picasa

Knight protector

  Posted by Picasa

Stick soldiers


A very cool piece of art in the middle of Festung Hohensalzburg!

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Lift into Festung Hohensalzburg

This video is just a sample of the way up into the walls of Hohensalzburg. It makes no justice to the emotion of climbing into an awesome medieval fortress.

Quick rewind


Just forgot to mention Festung Hohensalzburg, but I thought this might be wort the digression. The view from the top of its walls into Salzburg is just awesome. From this point of view, one can see how a local lord might have felt about his power over the underlying people. Posted by Picasa



One of the first sights in Innsbruck is the gates to the old city, which you can see in this picture. The city itself is very nice and welcoming. Once again, I felt really at home in this place. Posted by Picasa

Tratzberg courtyard

To finish the tour into Tratzberg, this snapshot of the courtyard in Tratzberg. The landscape around it was just gorgeous. Posted by Picasa

Woods around Tratzberg

If you are asking why the hell I wanted to brave the woods and the climb towards Tratzberg, you can rest assured that I asked myself the same question on the way up. Now I know why medieval fortifications were not sieged very often. The walk, though, was interesting, if tiresome. Posted by Picasa

Schloss Traztberg

In a quite fancy picture. Notice who's the prince :-). Posted by Picasa


The next stop of our trip to Austria was Salzburg, birthplace of the famed Mozart. We had the wonderful opportunity to travel the city in a horse car, pretty snazzy! Posted by Picasa

Stealing from Mário Quintana


Just to use this cute picture.

Se tu me amas, ama-me baixinho
Não o grites de cima dos telhados
Deixa em paz os passarinhos
Deixa em paz a mim!
Se me queres,
tem de ser bem devagarinho, Amada,
que a vida é breve, e o amor mais breve ainda... Posted by Picasa


Austria and it's lakes is just wonderful. Posted by Picasa

Blowing on the wind...


of Dandelion seeds ... Posted by Picasa

Der Froschkönig - part II?


Kissing or throwing against the wall, you decide... Posted by Picasa