Sunday, June 25, 2006

Il Pizzaiolo

Back to England, back to home chores. Despite the mood induced by the local weather, we managed to find an excuse to celebrate the day. Argentina was playing Mexico, so in the spirit of my Mexican sweetheart, we watched the game in a common TV here in Halls. I would also be a liar if I said that that was my sole reason for watching the game, as my Brazilian T-Shirt betrays I went there to wish a poor game to Argentina. Too bad our Hermanos managed to win, cheating of course. This is typical of the Argentinian footbal, Heinze should have been given a red card, even a blind referee would have seen it.

Anyway, I had committed myself into baking some pizzas for the good of everybody, so off I went to my Pizzaiolo position. As you can see in this pic, me fooling around with the dough. Posted by Picasa

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Ey Pizzaiolo!!! Ciertamente fue una noche muy agradable, a pesar de que Mexico no gano...

Gracias por el tiempo compartido ;)