Wednesday, July 21, 2010


From Times Square

Last weekend I went to Manhattan with my friends from CMU, and although it was insanely hot in New York (even more so than in Pittsburgh), we got to see a lot of the Big Apple at the street level. I have to confess the the accommodation during my trip was something I have not experienced in a while, namely sleeping in couches/futons in friends places (who kindly ceded their space for us to go), interestingly enough, I slept in a couch that I only found out was convertible to a bed a few days later. It was indeed a very busy series of weekends, since the previous one I have been to a AAAI workshop in Atlanta to give an invited talk and stayed in a friend's place. I guess I am getting too old for this kind of travelling, but it was a lot of fun on both counts.
By the way, you might have noticed that the layout of my blog has changed. I decided to quit using the old tired layout from the original blogger, and switch to the new design features that have been advertized for a while in the main blogger pages. I still strive for a simple layout, but mine now has additional swanky sharing features (not that anybody would share a lot of the stuff I write here).

From Atlanta Aquarium