Friday, November 20, 2009

Is twitter for twits?

Now I finally surrendered to this (not so) latest Internet fad, and created me a twitter account. I have always thought that twitter was the pinnacle of an ADHD internet behavior, since it only allows very short (140 characters long) messages. Effectively being like blogging for people who cannot put together a coherent sentence, much less a paragraph. I can see how some organizations might use it as a type of news feed, for example, a university department, however for regular people, it strikes me as odd that some people would use it on its own just to say that they have just pooped or something.

I can see why this kind of thing could be used in social networking sites, as it was used initially by Facebook and then Orkut. Indeed, it would make sense now to centralize (if one feels the need) the posting of this minor life updates, which Facebook allows, but Orkut does not seem to. In any case, we shall see if I become a twit by using twitter.

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Taxation without representation

After starting my work in the US, and waiting for two full months to get a real salary with a discrimination of all the discounts I get from health insurance, other optional services and taxes. Now, my greatest disappointment here is that, since the American government provides almost no service to the population, or at least nothing even close to what the European welfare states provide, I expected to pay a lot less taxes here. It turns out that this is a naive expectation, since I ended up giving away about a quarter of my salary to the government, in return for pretty much nothing from the US government. The ethical implications of this are a bit jarring to me, since I am indirectly fueling two wars, one of which I completely disagree with.