Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boobs in Dexter

I will renew my praise for Dexter after I started watching the second season, which added a lot of understanding to the inner daemons facing our anti-hero. So even though many people are rooting for him, he has become less strict with his killing, and may be falling in the pit of more traditional serial killers, if there is such thing as a traditional serial killer. But I digress, the title of the post says it all, and my comment goes to the breasts of the women in Dexter, or more precisely, their size. I do not mean this in a bad way, as the little I have read on the net about the subject criticize the women in the show for having small breasts.

On the contrary, I think that it is a very interesting thing to do in American television, to show sexy women without oversized breasts, clearly indicating breast implants, trying to impose a certain body type as the most desirable. Most women there do seem like natural and fit, but not surgically modified. So it seems that they are stimulating people to be fit (depicting plenty of exercise), but not unreal expectations. Good stuff. Body modification seem to have become the norm on other media. I have even read somewhere that many would-be actresses have chosen to put breast implants to improve their odds at landing a role in holywood, which is a bit sad. Of course there is an exception, the Brit girl who has a fling with the protagonist, though small-breasted looks a bit weird by having quite disproportionate lips. If I am wrong here, please correct me.

Big Brother Birthday


Today is my brother's birthday, which gives me an excuse to post links to the pictures of a recent road trip we made through Europe, starting in Paris, to Brussels, Waterloo, Köln, Berlin (Berlin nie wieder?) and back to Paris. Altough the rythm was frantic, it was an interesting experience and reminded me of my first road foray into south Germany, some years ago. The picture in this post is from when we got back from the continent and went to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Duxford is a hard place to reach when you have no automobile around here, so we had to rush through it, but still it yielded us some nice photographic material, and nice close looks into some pretty cool technology. Altough he did not want to stick around sunny England for this occasion (I can totally understand), it was nice to have him here for a while.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to the old world

I am back to ye sunny old England, and only now did I have the time to post something on this blog. Immediately after I got back from the Brazilian summer, my girlfriend met me in London, and after her, my brother decided to come visit. All nice and good, if not for the fact that a number of conference deadlines also tend to occur in the exact same period of the year. Conferences in the northern hemisphere, that is. It is an inconvenient but unavoidable problem, since the seasons, as you all know, are reversed between the north and the south. So while summer (and the summer break) goes on in Brazil, where my brother lives, winter, and deadlines for conferences expected to occur in the northern summer are ravaging my life.

On the bright side, this fast forward moment in my life usually means I have some (albeit stressed) fun in accompanying my brother in tourism here, while still accomplishing (double more stressful) work.