Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to the old world

I am back to ye sunny old England, and only now did I have the time to post something on this blog. Immediately after I got back from the Brazilian summer, my girlfriend met me in London, and after her, my brother decided to come visit. All nice and good, if not for the fact that a number of conference deadlines also tend to occur in the exact same period of the year. Conferences in the northern hemisphere, that is. It is an inconvenient but unavoidable problem, since the seasons, as you all know, are reversed between the north and the south. So while summer (and the summer break) goes on in Brazil, where my brother lives, winter, and deadlines for conferences expected to occur in the northern summer are ravaging my life.

On the bright side, this fast forward moment in my life usually means I have some (albeit stressed) fun in accompanying my brother in tourism here, while still accomplishing (double more stressful) work.

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Mari Thomé said...

Don't work too much!!
Meanwhile, I'll be still enjoying all this summer here in Brazil!

Good luck and welcome back to work ;)