Friday, March 12, 2010

Vulva - Original

I have always admired the resourcefulness of the Germans in creating breakthrough technology in engineering and television entertainment, but I have never expected what I saw today to have come from Germany (Japan, sure). And what am I talking about? I kid you not, vagina essence in a vial, not just any vagina smell, mind you, the "erotic intimate scent of a beautiful woman for your erotic pleasure". How do they make these claims, or how do they guarantee that the "slightly yellow, desirable substance" is indeed harvested from a hot blonde beauty is a mystery to me (as pointed out by my friend Jessica). That might as well be the same guarantee as they make for phone sex women (rumoured to be old ladies).
I am still unsure as to whether this is an elaborate spoof site or an actual product, albeit I have no doubt whatsoever that this is a product for which a demand (quite possibly huge) exists. If lonely, socially awkward, single men are willing to dish out five thousand greenbacks for an anatomically correct doll, surely complementing this expensive perversion for a mere 25 euros is peanuts. Now, on a more opinionated digression, one thing I noticed from the (presumably German) models is that they all sport "Hitler's moustache" pubic waxing, something I have imagined would be sort of a taboo in that country, but in this front, I can forgive them, it is indeed a fine waxing style.

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