Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peoples Natural Gas, seriously?

I must be getting old, since I have not noticed the easily mocked name of my gas company. Yet, my office mate burst into laughter when she saw me writing the check to pay for this month's gas bill. When inquired she asked me "People's Natural Gas? Seriously?", which gave me the needed spark to wonder whether they actually collect people's natural gas to supply to western Pennsylvania. That would definitely be a very green move, and I support this idea in this country. So the message seems clear, Yinzers, you should start ramping up the beans and the chillies in order to secure future energy supplies.

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Anonymous said...

!!!Warning, This following content may cause anxiety!!!

What people see directly is the bill, I see that as a phenomenon of something that has haunted humanity since the beginning of this primitive civilization.

This, this so called "civilization" is functioning in the best handicapped way as it can, where humans are still dealing with their lack of control over themselves & the environment, so they've developed a terrible trade based lifestyle (economy) that is a brutal tyranny against our incredible & amazing human potentials. Though labor slavery, though all the social designs that we've came up so far, the problems of social class conflict & political unbalance even among "developed nations", it really makes me cry when I see this gigantic conflict based system that we are cursed by killing each other to survive.

This old filthy ugly trade based society that is limiting our potential & civilization growth, the way that our society was developed, how does the need for trade is controlling our actions: jobs, market, British colonies, US independent war, US civil war, Communism revolution, Cold War, the environment that offered birth to Japanese & German fascism; we are enslaved by the past & unnoticed primitiveness.

The beginning... :)