Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Qui a coupé le fromage?

Now this link leads to a very usefull guide to French phrases, which will definetely make you feel much more confortable in dealing with the French when you are there.

And some people even complain about them being rude, come on, they probably did not have a guide such as this one:

It has pearls such as these, (a section just for dealing with the customs):

Avez Vous Quelque Chose à Declarer (Do you have anything to declare)
"I like Spain better"

"Je préfére l'Espagne"
(zhe pre - fer les - pan - ya)

"Yes, I am hungry"(Obelix)

"Oui, J'ai faim"
(wi zhay fin)

"Only my genius"(Oscar Wilde)

"Juste mon genie"
(zhust mon zhay - nee)

"Long live Algeria"

"Vive l'Algerie"
(vee - ve lal - zhe - ree)

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