Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is sexual disinhibition a problem?

The BBC reports that a bloke has won 3 million pounds from his former employee because a work-related injury to his head caused him to lose his sexual inhibition. According to BBC, the man has had multiple extra-marital relationships and was putting his marriage at risk, and thus the care he receives for free from his wife. Aside from the fact that he considers his wife simply as a free-caretaker, I do not think that Michael Douglas Syndrome is a recognized medical condition.

Is it only me, or is somebody out there that sees something wrong with this settlement? Seriously, most people would pay to lose sexual inhibition, especially in this overly sanitized world in which a lot of people spend most of their lives insulated from real human contact to the point where they must be taught intellectually the subtleties of human relations.

I for one, think that this man should be studied by neurosurgeons and other medicine researchers, this might be the cure for many of the neuro-psycological conditions that affect many in our society.

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