Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to Nollywood

I have recently watched an interview with Fernando Meirelles, of The Constant Gardener fame, in which he mentioned that Nigeria has a film industry comparable, if not more prolific than, India. Even I, that pride myself in knowing many bits of random knowledge, was impressed by discovering this. It is pretty impressive especially because, if wikipedia is to be believed, they are making money making small budget films. This shows that there is a business model very different from Hollywood that can work, and generate affordable movies for the masses.

From the IMDB profile of Nigerian films, we can clearly see how prolific they are and the turnaround time for films are pretty quick, since there are movies which their part two are released the same year as the original, like 100% Husband one and two in 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Nigeria Actors - Artistes Fusion

Have you noticed in recent times, especially in the last 4 years, the movement of some Nollywood stars into the Nigerian music industry?