Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days

From 30cm of snow

This week has had one of the worst weather in eastern United States for a very long time (apparently), and after Friday, many areas of Pittsburgh have become impassable, my street included and shown in the pic above. CMU has notified staff that it is not advisable to come to campus, and without public transportation for a good portion of Saturday, I have been effectively stranded at home for the past couple of days. Staying at home for the likes of me does not mean fun and games though, since I have been at work most of the time, besides trying to cope with the stress of other personal crap.

Also of note was the fact that I went out with my work colleagues on Friday night, only to find that after we were leaving the place, the bus system had stopped and the streets were covered in snow. Thankfully, the Russians came to the rescue, and we managed to pile up eight people in an SUV to take everybody home.

Right now, I remain in the blues as a combination of crappy developments and of being stranded at home.

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