Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Good memories are hard to find

So, here I am, still trying to get settled, becoming aware that shopping in the supermarket is a pain when you are devoid of a car, as my feet are sore and killing me. All of a sudden, something good strikes me.

And that is particularly nice because what triggered that were the lyrics of a song I really appreciate.

So let me break some copyrights and risk being corny by pasting a piece of a song that I have thought out in return for the trigger, as well as an associated photograph:

Friends and liars
Don’t wait for me
Cause I’ll get on
All by myself
Put millions of miles
Under my heels
And still too close to you
I feel


Clarissa said...
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Clarissa said...

Hello, my brother! I think I'm a little disappointed with you, because you didn't mentioned your FAMILY in this blog, who still love and miss you... but its ok, someday you will realize how important we are =) So, drinking lots of tea and eating fish? You really are in the right country, hun? I just talk to mom and she send you kisses. keep in touch (even if by MSN)

Monalisa said...

Uma pena que não tivemos tempo de tirar mais fotos, de forma que eu pudesse postar uma no meu blog também...Muito obrigada pela lembranca...Com carinho:Ana...

Felipe said...

My beloved yet annoying sister,

If you cared to read all the posts, you'd probably find them like six or seven months in the past.

BTW, you are my first family member to ever read this blog. Also, I don't include other people into this blog without their consent. The girl in this post was kind enough to assent on my publishing the photograph :-D

And since you cared to try and write in english, let's apply some corrections here:
"you didn't mentioned" is wrong, if you are using "to do" as the main verb in a sentence you don't have to conjugate "to mention" in it.

Also, "you have just *talked* to mom and she *sends* you kisses". English is a dead simple language as far as verb conjugation goes, so please, please, pleeeeeaaaase, do them right.

Clarissa said...

Here again, trying to write IN ENGLISH, using all those years at Yázigi. Of course you couldn't miss the opportunity to correct my mistakes (I hope to write correct this time). So, Mom was here about five minutes ago, seing your photos and listening mt translation of your texts, and she simply lost her mind because you wrote in english, so she can't read it. I think she is just gelous with that girl on the picture. To make it clear that I like the girl, ok? Don't forget it. By the way, how many pounds did you losted? hehe kisses

Felipe said...

PELAMORDEDEUS, faca os posts em portugues, hehe....

gelous --> jealous
"How many pounds did you lose?"
"How many pounds have you lost?"
Existem varias maneiras de dizer a mesma coisa.

Tenta ler mais textos em ingles...