Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Human again!

Well this post is supposed to be cryptic, but then again who cares?

So today I have exercised my humanity in such a way that I have not done in years, and it felt great. Life has a way of being ironic and play jokes upon you, and this one is no exception.

And now for a randomly placed piece of a book I enjoy immensely, and kinda translates what I feel today.

"I understand that it is possible to gaze into somebody's eyes and suddenly know that life will no longer be possible without them. Know that the person's voice can make your heart stop, and that this person's company is all that your happiness can wish for, and her absence will leave your soul lonely, desolate and lost."

Damn choices I have to make to keep on going.


Monalisa said...
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Monalisa said...

Adormeci, pensando nele. E vi-o logo em seguida. Ah! Se tivesse sabido que era um sonho, nunca teria acordado (Ono No Komachi)...Beijos, Ana...