Thursday, January 25, 2007

Americans introduce first Ray Gun

What a delightful piece of news! The americans have just introduced their new invention of world domination, the first openly acknowledged ray gun. Yes, you though right, the ray gun is that gadget in the picture above. According to their press release and test (involving live journalists). This weapon, having a range of 500 meters, is going to be used in wars to force the enemy to lay down their weapons. I think that there is just one catch here, the weapon looks rather conspicuous to me. I mean, which enemy is going to just watch a Humvee park in front of them with a huge dish waiting to be fried alive? Because, really, I do not think this weapon is going to be used just to cause a burning sensation. If it can cause the sensation, it certainly can be used to burn people like a hamster in a microwave, which probably lends some credit to some accounts of people being toasted alive in Iraq.

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