Friday, January 12, 2007


While absorbing my daily dose of Procrastin-X and browsing the BBC, I happened to come across an article about the furore surrounding Julia Roberts's (the Cinderella/Prostitute from Pretty Woman) decision to refrain from shaving her armpits, and the debate following it. Risking being called a sexist pig, I honestly believe that some of the comments on the BBC piece about this are just plain ludicrous, namely, those that argue that people should just learn to like hairy women. Mind you, my opinion has nothing to do with subjugating women or anything like that, but it just so happens that the majority of people I know (women included) agree that less hair is more hygienic than the alternative. Besides, it is not only women who have to bow down to the demands of aesthetics (and hygiene), men too have body hair (even more than women), and as far as I know, carelessness in personal grooming are known to grossly diminish your attractiveness to sexual partners (how about that, I am being politically correct here).

Ask any woman how she feels about a man wearing a beard styled after late Saddam Hussein in his post-capture moments. Unless she has some kind of specific fetish, she is likely to be abhorred by that very sight. And adding to this argument, there are, of course, men with fetishes for hairy (and bushy women). Adding some gross picture for your imagination, I do not think many women would also like to check out my unshaven gluteal cleft. And as my final argument, nicely groomed bodies are also great facilitators for a pleasant sex life, as the recent praise many women have given to Brazilian waxing (Gwyneth Paltrow as celebrity counterpoint), the presence of which I personally believe is an invitation to Cunnilingus (in itself a crowd pleaser).

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