Monday, November 26, 2007

XKCD and Projects

Following the recommendation of the guy from Zero Punctuation, I have been reading this comic strip called XKCD. The strip is not incredibly awesome, and some may claim I do not understand the jokes, hence my veredict. That may well be. But I have to admit it, it has its moments of brilliance. This week's strip, however, is about a common mishap faced by computer geeks all around, in particular the example of BSD installations. When I was younger and with a lot more time in my hands (due to my still living in my parent's place), I used to like to play around with Linux and BSD installations, doing it like it was done when men were men and wrote their own drivers. It is all fun if you like to tweak with things and know all the lines necessary in the files at /etc that make your system work. It is a lot less fun when you just want your Internet connection to work or your personal SVN server be up and available. Hence, over time, I may have gotten weak, and now I rely on graphical Linux installations and automatic updates. What the hell, sometimes I just want things to work, not to prove my geek manhood.

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