Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Build your own arcade machine

Last week I got this link from a friend of mine with the simple message "My Consumer Dream", and to my surprise, it turned out to have become my consumer dream as well, even if I was never too keen of Arcade games in my youth. The reason, I was much more into the comfort of playing console games at home. The object of the dream, a custom-made arcade machine running a suite of emulation software, allowing it to play thousands of arcade and console titles. Of course, after I became adept at my bachelor lifestyle, it became clear to me that this sort of machine is not supposed to be played on your own, but rather, be the centerpiece of your social space at home, where you can invite other like-minded buddies to endless matches of Street Fighter II and Soul Edge. The price tag is by no means cheap, around $1500, and can certainly be diminished by locally sourcing the cabinet and other non-technological parts; and certainly beyond my current budget as a graduate student, so this baby will have to wait for me to get a tech job. Meanwhile, I will put some strain into the marriages of my recently espoused friends.

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