Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nice big toys

I have recently been amazed with a British company that manufactures 1/6 scale models of military hardware for enthusiasts. The reason for this is that these are no ordinary Revell plastic kits, no Sire. What amazed me is that the guys at Armortek make fully functional metal scale models of WWII vehicles and artillery. Some of these toys weight 160 Kilograms, definitely not your ordinary toys. You can check the size comparison in the pictures of this post. Besides, the manufacturer even threw in a bunch of electric motors to make the whole thing move, traverse its turrets and even smoke, light and sound effects.

Of course, stuff this fancy is not cheap by any means, starting at around one thousand pounds for a bare tank (no fancy effects or anything), nobody is going to give this to their 5 year-old nephew. Rather, these are toys for young adults such as myself (as soon as I get paid well enough to afford these babies), which are probably the best target audience for fancy (and I mean really fancy) toys. I for one, am definitely queuing this one up for after my prospective sword collection.

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