Sunday, July 15, 2007

Not this time Argies!

The Land of Silver, it seems, has to make do with silver. After being touted as the favorite to win Copa América, Argentina lost the final by a whooping 3 - 0 against Brazil. To be truly honest, I was expecting the Argentinians to win, since they wanted this title really bad, as they have not won anything for more than ten years. Even being guilty of underestimating my fellow Gaúcho coach Dunga the young and not incredibly famous players of this team, I am mighty proud of them. And it just proves the point that the Brazilian National Team is much better off without those money craving $tars. At least the Argentinians managed to be humble on defeat, since they are not used to being that way when they think they are going to win, as one can see by the headline in the Clarín. Hail the mighty Robinho!

And here for the highlights, it is in Turkish, but I quite like the way their goal celebrations sound:

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