Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tony da Gatorra in London


Last week I noticed very conspicuous posters in the London tube about a British / Brazilian cultural jam event, and to my amazement, a musician which I had heard as a sort of joke some time ago is coming to the UK to participate in such event. This guy's name is Tony da Gatorra. In a nutshell, this is an electronic repairman turned musician that created his own music instrument. This of course, is sort of an overstatement, since this instrument is merely a frankenstein made out of a synthesizer and an electronic drum in the shape of a guitar (of sorts). The interesting thing about this all is that this guy, up until a couple of years ago, was virtually unknown outside the city of Esteio (and not Estejo, as the site of this event says, what an amateurish editing...), and the guy is not very in touch with the outside world, since his blog is not even written by himself directly, but rather, through snail mail letters transcribed by a bunch of fans (which are probably the ones responsible for him to be sent to the UK) into the site. The posts in the blog are of an extremely low standard of portuguese, with mistakes that not even a school kid would make. Still, I am curious as to what may happen with this guy this side of the Atlantic.
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