Friday, July 06, 2007

Positive news for a change

It is good to read positive things from Brazil for a change, instead of reading about urban battles in Rio, or the populist promises of our pseudo-socialist president (bear in mind that I think this is a good thing), today I saw an article on the BBC telling how they are thinking of adopting a city management strategy developed in my home town of Porto Alegre.
One may call me somewhat nationalistic, or just easily excitable about my birthplace, and it is rather true. And I think that since it is not everyday that you can read about a more developed part of the country, I like to contrast it with the vision that Brazil is the place of constant partying, carnival and half-naked girls (though I wish that part was true). We have been accused of being overly overly protective about the country's reputation before, but hell, one can be accused of worse things.

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